Ladz Randomz Wallet

Ladz RANDOMZ Wallet


With much fuss, the drama, and good anxiety, I have to announce the release of the NEW wallet: RANDOMZ!

Due to high demand, my major fear was that I wont be able to supply the demand, and therefor decided to put the Randomz model on hold for a while. That time is gone now, and I am happy to announce the latest model from Ladz workshop, Randomz 😀

Little about the model...

Like the name says, I was missing one more model to fulfil the collection, and all the patterns I tried before, were not that fancy. So I picked a "square" tool in Solidworks, and did some random patterns. Turned out really nice, and this time, I did not have any problems with name. Just, Randomz.

As all models, Randomz wallet comes with Titanium bolts, extra O-rings, wooden holder, and 1 year warranty.

It has been short read, but I am getting used on writing a blog, so stay tuned for more news.

If you are interested, check it out here: Ladz Randomz Wallet

Enjoy the photo gallery below...


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